Executive and Director Training Courses and Workshops

We provide Executive and Director Training Courses and are a Chartered Management Institute, CMI, Recognised Training Centre for Executive and Director Training. CPD Certificates (Certificates of Professional Development) are provided.

Executive and Director Training Expertise and Experience

We deliver Executive and Director Training Courses and Workshops to thousands of Executives and Directors. Over 25 years, Excellence in Learning have trained over 40,000 delegates in 10,000 client organisations. Our clients have included 96% of the Top 100 Companies and over 500 of the Top 1000 Companies, as well as thousands of SMEs, Small and Medium Enterprises.

We provide open scheduled courses for individual delegates to book onto. These training courses will give you all of the essential information needed for you and your organisation to be successful. The courses are delivered in a professional and easily understandable format, which strips away the jargon and then explains it, as well as delivering useful techniques, best practice examples and guidelines.

Our business model and organisational structure allows us to access the best course tutors in the UK, to deliver the most professional training courses, at top quality prestigious venues, such as the London Grosvenor Hotel and the Crowne Plaza Hotels throughout the UK. All of our courses are supported by high quality printed materials, produced as bound delegate packs. Your enjoyment and appreciation of the training, as well as your focus, will be enhanced by high quality lunches, teas/coffees and other refreshments served throughout the day.

Executive and Director Training Courses and Workshops
Available Online and in person

Some of our best known and most popular Executive and Director training courses are listed below. These are available on online as well as in person. Please click on the course titles for more information.

Company Board Director Roles and Responsibilities 2 Day Course

The Board of Directors collectively run the company as its agents, with each director carrying equal responsibility for the collective board decisions and their implementation; even if they voted against a decision or did not attend that particular board meeting.  The powers of Board Directors are restricted by the company’s Articles of Association.  They must comply with the seven statutory duties specified in the Companies Act 2006.  The conduct of Board Directors leading up to an Insolvency could expose them to personal liabilities for some of the creditor liabilities to and might lead to them becoming disqualified from being a director under the Director Disqualification Act.  Approximately 1,200 directors are disqualified each year.  This will tell you all you need to know to become an effective NED and help you to avoid inadvertently assuming any personal liabilities through an imperfect knowledge of the insolvency laws … More

Finance for Non-Finance Directors, 2 Day course

All Senior Executives will need to become fluent in reading and understanding Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Accounts, as they progress through their company management structures. Whilst Board Directors are legally required to understand the finances of their company. This course places great emphasis on hands-on case studies and open discussions. It covers all of the key aspects of finance; Management Accounts, Statutory Financial Accounts, Ratio Analysis, Gearing, Return on Capital Employed, EBITDA, Liquidity, Strategic Budgeting and Costing, Maximisation of sustainable profits, Company Valuations and Acquisitions. Maximum delegate numbers are normally limited to 12 … More

Non-Executive Director Roles and Responsibilities 1 Day Course

The Non-Executive Director Roles and Responsibilities Training Course is for both experienced and newly appointed Company Directors.  According to the Companies Act 2006, all Non-Executive Directors, or NEDs, legally carry exactly the same responsibilities as Executive Directors.  Topics covered include the Companies Act 2006, Non-Executive Director Board Roles and Responsibilities, UK Corporate Governance Code, Board Committees, Memorandum & Articles of Association, Companies House requirements, Insolvency Act, Liquidations, Director Disqualification Act, Shadow Directors, De Facto Directors, NEDs, iNEDs, Director Statutory Duties, Resolutions, Meetings and many more … More

Finance for Non-Finance Directors, 1 Day course

All Board Directors and other Senior Executives will need to become fluent in reading and understanding Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Accounts, as they progress through their company management structures.  The Balance Sheet is a list of the Assets and Liabilities on a single day, which is the last day of the financial year end.  They are shown next to the equivalent figures from the previous year end.  Whilst the Profit and Loss Account always the period between the two year ends and shows how the company changed in value between those two balance sheet dates … More

Company Secretary Roles and Responsibilities, 2 Day course

The definition of Officers of the company, includes the Company Secretary and the Company Directors.  The Company Directors have wide ranging powers.  Whilst the Company Secretary can be a central figure within the company, their authority is solely derived from the powers delegated to them by the Company Directors … More

Ofsted Inspection Nominee Training, 1 Day Course

This course has been completely updated, so that it covers the New EIF and Ofsted FE Handbook published 14 May 2019 and implemented on 1 September 2019.  The 2019 Ofsted inspection arrangements place significant importance and responsibility on the role of the learning provider’s representative, “The Nominee”, both before and during the inspection. This workshop provides high quality practical and pragmatic guidance on how Ofsted Inspection Nominees can maximise the effectiveness of their role, both before and during the inspection. … More

Preparing for an Ofsted Inspection for Managers, 1 Day course

This course has been completely updated, so that it covers the New EIF and Ofsted FE Handbook published 14 May 2019 and implemented on 1 September 2019.  This one-day workshop provides guidance on ways managers in providers can best be prepared to present their organisation or department to best effect to inspectors, despite the short lead time. This course will provide clear guidance on the latest changes and will help you to prepare for inspections throughout 2019/20. Providers should consider very clearly how they will approach their next inspection; this course will help you to achieve the best approach. … More

Certificates of Professional Development, CPD

We are accredited by the Chartered Management Institute and the Institute of Learning and Management as an approved training centre.  These certificates will bear the official logo of the Chartered Management Institute or the Institute of Learning and Management.

This course is recognised for CPD purposes by most professional institutes and associations including the Institute of Leadership and Management, the Institute of Directors, the Law Society, the CIM, the ICAEW, the CMI, the Institute of Learning and the CIPD.  Formal Certificates of Professional Development will be issued to all participants, who successfully complete our courses.

Our Clients

Excellence in Learning have trained over 40,000 people and helped over 10,000 client organisations to achieve outstanding success at every level. This has been through open scheduled courses and in-house single company courses.

Our clients have included many of the best known names within the UK and across the globe. For further client details, including names, positions and organisations, please refer to the delegate comments shown against the individual training courses.

Our courses and workshops may also be run as open scheduled or internal courses. For a full list of our open courses that we will be running within the next few months.



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We are the Best Quality and the Best Value for Money. The Best Value for Money is not the same as the lowest cost.

If you are investing in the quality and capability of your management team and let us assume the unlikely event that the internal fee for one of our courses is £800 more than the cost of a competitor. Across a full year, that difference would only be £16 per week, which is only £3.80 per working day. Assuming 10 delegates per course, you would only be investing an extra 38p per person per working day.

It would always be worth investing an extra 38p per working day, in each of your managers, to equip them with the best possible skills and capabilities to do their job and to deliver greater success for your organisation. The reality is that your staff would benefit from our courses for many years. Over 5 years, the extra investment would only be 7p per person per day.