Author: Philip Arnold

Board Directors must by law …

Board Directors must by law participate fully in Board discussions. You have to “exercise Independent Judgement” under s173 of the CA2006 (Companies Act). You must also “exercise Reasonable Care, Skill and Diligence”, under s174 of the CA2006. You can only fulfil your S173 and s174 duties, if you pay proper attention to the subject being… Read more »

10% Tax Break for Directors, Entrepreneurs and Shareholders Reduced by 90%

During the period of fear, uncertainty and doubt created by the Corona virus the taxman took the opportunity to savagely and surreptitiously  cut one of the most useful tax breaks for entrepreneurs and other significant shareholders. Previously, subject to meeting certain criteria, directors and shareholders could sell their shares and take advantage of the Entrepreneurs… Read more »

Leadership and Trust for Directors

Leadership is about inspiring and motivating groups of people to achieve their best. To achieve this it is essential for directors to first create a trusting environment where people are not afraid to admit to and acknowledge mistakes and shortcomings. Team performance can often be changed for the better or for the worse, simply by… Read more »

Share Buybacks A Review for Directors – Their Economic Drivers, Psychology and Results by Philip Arnold of Excellence in Learning

Share Buybacks A Review for Directors This article is  aimed at directors and board of directors, it is an overview share buybacks.   It has also been published, in August 2020, on the Institute of Directors’ (IoD) website as a lead article their Governance section. Share buybacks are huge in the USA.  They totalled $800bn per… Read more »