Strategic Planning and Coaching

Strategic Planning and Coaching; Highly Effective Boards have very strong strategic planning skills. The latest research has overwhelmingly concluded that a sound strategy with a strong implementation approach is essential to sustainable success. Not surprisingly many of the elements necessary for the successful coaching and development of Directors and Senior Managers are also essential for… Read more »

Boardroom Thinking in Uncertain Times

Strategic Boardroom Thinking today in such rapidly changing, and to a degree chaotic, times is exceptionally difficult. We are in a period or massive upheaval within the UK economy and in the world generally. Globally it is not just the economy that is in turmoil, but also International relations due to the war in Ukraine… Read more »

Mandatory Climate Financial Disclosure News

Mandatory Climate related financial disclosures in 2022

Mandatory Climate related financial disclosures based upon precises of extracts from The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy document dated October 2021 entitled Consultation response: Mandatory climate-related financial disclosures by publicly quoted companies, large private companies, and LLPs Context From 24th March to 5th May 2021, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy… Read more »

10% CGT Tax Break for Directors

Share Buybacks Review for Directors – Their Economic Drivers, Psychology and Results by Philip Arnold of Excellence in Learning

Share Buybacks Review for Directors This article is  aimed at directors and the board of directors, it is an overview of share buybacks. This author has also been published on the Institute of Directors’ (IoD) website as a lead article their August 2020 Governance section. Share buybacks are hugely important in the USA.  They totalled $800bn… Read more »

Wrongful Trading and Director Personal Liabilities

Wrongful Trading and Director Personal Liabilities

Wrongful Trading and Director Personal Liabilities tend to go together. If a company is deemed to be Wrongfully Trading and goes into administration or liquidation, the directors would incur personal liabilities.  Even if outright dishonesty is not involved. Wrongful Trading is placing orders with no reasonable expectation of being able to pay for them when… Read more »

Strategic Report S172 CA2006

Strategic Report s172 Duty CA2006

Strategic Report s172 Duty CA2006 Large companies must explain, in their Strategic Reports, how their directors have fulfilled their section 172, Companies Act 2006 duty to promote the success if the company. Compliance with this requirement is proving challenging for many board directors. As “how” is much more difficult to explain than “if”.  A simple… Read more »