2024 Internal In-House Director Courses

Director Internal In-House Training Courses

We have delivered Executive and Director Training Courses and Workshops to thousands of Executives and Directors. Across 25 years, Excellence in Learning have trained over 40,000 people and helped more than 10,000 client organisations.

These are some of our most frequently requested in-house training courses for Directors. These could all be run as in-house training courses, solely for your organisation.  These training courses will provide the essential information needed for you and your organisation to be successful. They are delivered in a professional and easily understandable format, which first strips away the jargon and then explains that jargon. They will provide useful techniques, best practice examples and guidelines.  Please click In-House Costs & Logistics for general logistics and detailed pricing information.  We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.  Please call us on 01494 590446 or fill in the contact form.

Please click the Course Diary page , if you wish to see a full list of our open scheduled courses.