Leading Better Performing Teams – Top Tips

1) Define The Team Purpose

People naturally want to do well, both for themselves and others.  Make this as easy as possible for them.

Explain to them what the team’s purpose is and why it is worth doing well.  This should not be about making more sales or profits for the company.  It should be presented in how to make things better for someone or something such as the environment.  It could be any of clients, patients, colleagues, suppliers or the planet.

The most important thing is that the objective should be about human beings. Once this is established, you can then add as “other benefits” traditional sales and profit type advantages.

2) Remove Demotivating Factors

There are many factors that regularly prevent teams from performing well.  These are not the flip side of the factors that motivate good performance.

As Team leader do your best to remove the barriers to good performance.  These are known as hygiene factors and research shows they are:

  • Company Policies and Administration
  • Supervision; sadly, that may mean you as the team leader
  • Working conditions and job security

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