Net Zero Carbon Climate Initiative 100Trees

100Trees Climate Initiative: Net Zero Carbon Emissions


We will plant 100 trees for each day you attend our courses.

If you attend just one 2 day course. We will plant 200 trees for you. The trees we plant will continue to grow and to absorb CO2 for their entire life span. These 200 trees will offset one sixth of your CO2 emissions for the rest of your life.

That is 16% of your annual CO2 emissions. 

When you attend our full Company Board Director Certificate programme. We will plant 100 trees for each delegate day, plus a bonus 300 tree planting. You would become “Net Zero Carbon,” for your entire life. We would plant enough trees to offset 100% of your personal annual CO2 emissions for your entire life.

How would you like to be able to provide evidence that you personally have a Net Zero Carbon Lifestyle ? 

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With our help your entire company could also become “Net Zero Carbon.” By encouraging staff and clients, to reduce their personal CO2 emissions and to offset the residual personal emissions.

If your people are intending to attend Director Training Courses anyway. By selecting our courses, they would get the Best Training and the climate would get less Global Warming and better quality air, containing less free CO2 , due to our 100tree planting initiative. Best of all, this Climate Improvement would be completely self financing. The Climate investments made by Excellence in Learning, would be from the Director training budget that your company would have spent on Director training anyway.

This would be a Win-Win situation:

Better skills – Better climate air quality – Less Global Warming – Sustainable Self financing – Great PR for your organisation – Great Personal Feel Good factor from your contribution to Climate Improvement.

Perhaps with seven obvious wins, we should say that this is more like a Win-Win-Win-Win-Win-Win-Win situation

Accepted Science on CO2, Carbon Dioxide and Mangroves:

Trees absorb CO2 , Carbon Dioxide, from the air and through a process called Carbon Sequestration (Storage). They store the carbon in their roots, trunks and leaves.  The Louisiana State University conducted a 40 year study into Carbon Sequestration and concluded that mangrove forests were the most efficient forests for Carbon Sequestration.

Mangrove forests store more carbon than all the tropical forests combined. They store 3 billion metric tons.

Mangroves live and thrive in salt water. This means they do not compete for, or occupy, scarce and hence expensive land, that could otherwise have been used to produce food.

Personal Carbon Dioxide emissions and the necessary mangrove tree planting offset calculations are straight forward, they are:

  • 1 Mangrove absorbs 12.3kg of CO2 per year
  • The average person produces 16,000kg of CO2 per year
  • To offset these CO2 emissions, you would need to plant 1,300 mangroves

Attending Director training courses with us, would be a great way to offset your personal Carbon Dioxide emissions and move towards a Net Zero Carbon world.

We will plant a mix of trees, ranging from Teak to Mangrove. These will not only offset your CO2 emissions to net zero. They will also provide other multiple environmental and diversity benefits, including:

  • Biodiversity to help wildlife to thrive
  • The prevention of rare animals becoming extinct
  • The protection of rare wild plants that might in future become vital natural sources of new medicines
  • Some crop yielding trees to provide an income for the women and their families of the local villages, as well an economic reason for them to preserve and nurture the local natural habitat
  • Tree types particularly well suited to the local climate and soil conditions
  • Natural vegetation complementary to the trees we have planted
  • Tree types likely to create sustainable forestry corridors
  • Linking isolated pockets (islands) of forests. This is important for animals and any rare plants marooned within those forest islands


If you enrol in our net zero emissions program, we will validate the amount of CO2, Carbon Dioxide, emissions that you offset. After your first course and then at intervals, we would send you a certificate confirming what you have done for the climate. We would also send you a special Commemoration Certificate once you achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions.

Lifestyle carbon emission comparison figures:

The average well to do male in a western developed economy, such as the USA or the UK, creates these annual carbon dioxide emissions. The necessary mangrove tree offsets are:

  • Meat eater diet, 3,300kg, 268 mangroves
  • 10,000 car miles @ 40mpg, 2,468kg, 201 mangroves
  • 10,000 air miles, 2,010kg, 163 mangroves
  • Home energy, 7,960kg, 647 mangroves
  • Other sundry, 3,000kg, 244 mangroves

20% of average CO2emissions are due to eating meat. If you wish to do more, one relatively easy step could be to reduce the amount of meat you eat. Or even easier, you could attend more of our Director courses. More Director Capabilities and lower Net CO2 Emissions. A double benefit at no extra cost.

We Really Do Plant Trees – See The Tree Planting in Action